Dairy Crest

HR Software Training

Dairy Crest was determined to achieve a trouble-free, seamless transition from their old HR software system to a new one.

Key to this would be the training of system users ahead of the launch of the new system. To support this business objective, we developed a suite of eLearning modules to build user competence using a virtual version of their new system.

This approach allowed users to familiarise themselves with the new system, carry out common procedures and test their understanding in a safe environment, ahead of the new system going ‘live’.


As a foodstuffs producer and distributor, the implementation of, and adherence to, food hygiene standards are critical to Dairy Crest. The subject matter, however, is far from riveting.

We were tasked with finding a solution to Basic Food Hygiene training that would be fun for the user and, more importantly, memorable.

Our solution was to develop a cartoon character (‘Roundsman Reg’) through which we would deliver the training content using a combination of ridiculous scenarios, absurd questions, constant references to hand washing and an underlying tone of self-deprecation.

To Dairy Crest’s credit, they went with it and the training was well received.


Roundsman Reg, our cartoon anti-hero from the Basic Food Hygiene training, would pop-up in a programme of eLearning for Dairy Crest dealing with equally dull (but important) subject matter.

His erratic mood swings, anti-social behaviour and insistence on wearing slippers to work proved to be the ideal vehicle for dealing with company policy on Discipline & Grievance, Attendance and Performance Managment.

We salute Dairy Crest for giving us licence to use a psychotic milkman to front their eLearning and for having the courage to embrace humour in their training strategy.

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