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This project called for the development of 14 eLearning modules to build product knowledge with HP’s global call centre teams, improve customer service and increase unit sales call revenue.

Each eLearning module dealt with a specific storage product range: explaining the role of the product range, its market positioning, competitive performance and guidance on how to qualify customers so as to recommend the best product in the range to meet the customer’s needs.

The training also provided advice on how to qualify customers to identify up-selling opportunities: whether this is bulk purchasing to reduce unit cost, or upgrading to a different storage product to meet future storage requirements.

Each eLearning module was translated into 7 languages.

Training Management System

In order to distribute and monitor the 14 eLearning modules developed for the HP Storage Works division, we designed and built a HP-branded online training management system – the ‘HP Academy’.

The system was used by HP call centre teams around the world to access the eLearning we developed and by HP Managers to track and monitor training progress for their respective teams.

We delivered the training management system in 7 languages.

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