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The new ‘i’ range of vehicles represented a major step forward for Hyundai in competing with the dominant automotive brands in the volume sectors of the global car market. Improvements in styling, build quality, equipment levels and ride & handling would help to build market share and establish Hyundai as a serious alternative to the more established brands. Key to this was the communication of the product proposition to the Hyundai dealer network; it was vital that dealers had the knowledge to effectively present each new ‘i’ model to prospective customers.

Our solution was a suite of eLearning modules (one for each ‘i’ model) that applied a very direct ‘conversational’ tone to tell the story of each model. We structured each eLearning module so that users had to work through the module in a specific order – this gave us control over when product information was presented, allowing us to explain the background to the development of the ‘I’ range, the business rationale, and the market it would compete in, BEFORE we got to specific model information.


The training team at Hyundai asked us to implement a training management system to, initially, support the delivery of the eLearning modules developed for the new ‘i’ range of vehicles and, more generally, to reflect the growing importance of training and development at Hyundai.

Our solution was to implement an online training management system with a bespoke front-end training portal. The training management system would handle the storage, distribution and monitoring of eLearning modules and the portal would provide the ‘shop window’ for Hyundai to showcase their training strategy. The portal became a gateway to all Hyundai training resources for users, with access to eLearning, training news, featured training and a personal training plan.

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