Kia Motors


The launch of the Cee’d was important in establishing Kia as a serious alternative to the dominant brands in the volume ‘C’-segment (medium-sized) car market. The Cee’d was a completely new car, sharing none of its components with previous Kia models. Communicating the story of the Cee’d, its key features, target customers and competitive position was important in achieving a successful launch. Prior to the launch of the Cee’d Kia dealers had been issued with product handbooks which, although popular, offered no way to for Kia to measure understanding.

We were tasked with developing an eLearning solution that worked with the product handbook being developed for the Cee’d to improve and measure knowledge retention.

Our solution was to work with the agency writing the Cee’d product handbook and develop a ‘blended’ program where the eLearning and the product handbook cross-referenced each other. The eLearning focused on testing the user’s understanding of the product handbook via a series of scenarios, questions and activities (including hands-on interaction with the car). The product handbook retained the ‘hard’ product data but supplemented this with workbooks – the answers to which could only be found by completing the eLearning.

Training Management System

The training team at Kia asked us to implement a training management system that would, initially, support the delivery of the eLearning developed for the new Kia Cee’d range of vehicles and, more generally, to reflect the growing importance of training and development at Kia.

Our solution was to implement an online training management system with a bespoke front-end training portal. The training management system would handle the storage, distribution and monitoring of eLearning modules and the portal would provide the ‘shop window’ for Kia to showcase their training strategy. The portal became a gateway to all Kia training resources for users, with access to eLearning, training news, featured training and a personal training plan.

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