Land Rover


The Company Induction Programme at Land Rover lasts for 8 weeks and is a combination of general (e.g. Fire Awareness) and job-specific activities. Land Rover wanted to find a more engaging way to deliver, manage and monitor the company induction.

We were asked to respond to this brief by preparing a technology demonstration that showed how the induction programme could be configured to different job roles, made more interesting and would be instantly recognisable as Land Rover.

Our solution was to create a virtual Land Rover dealership environment with ‘hot spots’ giving access to specific induction-related information. Users moved their mouse to scan the dealership environment and locate points of interest (representing different components of the induction programme). Clicking on a point of interest takes you to a subject specific screen (e.g. Fire Safety) where you would receive information through audio narration, graphics and text. Users are required to complete on-screen activities to demonstrate their understanding before a section is marked as ‘complete’.

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